Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

  • Underpinning
    hm_underpinningThe solution to residential structural damage is CHANCE Civil Construction Foundation Systems. The A.B. CHANCE patented stabilizing system for homeowners is backed by more than 80 years of structural engineering experience.
  • Tieback Anchors
    hm_tiebackCHANCE screw anchors for tiebacks in soldier-pile & lagging walls come with shaft sizes and helix configurations to meet job-specific requirements. Applications include building site work, roadways, retaining walls, levees, dams and revetments.
  • Walkways and Boardwalks
    hm_walkwayThe CHANCE Instant Foundation for walkways is the support system for sensitive wetland areas. A.B. CHANCE helical technology when used in boardwalk support transfers the load to bearing stratum, isolates the structure from seasonal changes, and can be installed with portable hand-held equipment that provides low-impact installation.
  • New Construction
    hm_newconFor new construction applications CHANCE Civil Construction Foundation Systems anchors install at intervals between footing forms and tie into the rebar gridwork prior to pouring concrete.
  • Helical Pulldown Micropiles
    hm_hpmHigher load capacities than ever now are achievable by the patented Helical Pulldown Micropile technology. It continues to overcome obstacles to traditional foundation methods for a growing number of applications.
  • Soil Screws
    hm_ssFaster, with few steps, the CHANCE Soil Screw Retention Wall System gives you economic advantages. The soil screws can be installed quickly by the same hydraulic rotary equipment commonly used for soil nail wall construction. Other benefits include immediate loading, no spoils to remove, installs in any weather, and easy to store and reuse.
  • Solar Foundations
    DSCN2052CHANCE® provides the fastest, most secure solution for solar panel and wind tower foundations. Over 90 years of research, development, and testing prove the CHANCE Helical Foundation Systems second to none! CHANCE Engineers have installed and tested countless foundation anchors to confirm performance and reliability.
  • Cell Tower Foundations and Guy Wirescellular-tower-locate Applications for guyed structures, self-supporting towers, structures substations, and switching stations are all part of the CHANCE T/C (tension-compression) foundation and guy anchor product line. Applications in sensitive areas, high water tables, difficult access as well as normal soils make the CHANCE T/C foundation a priority in transmission line construction.

Stop the damaging effects of foundation settling

Sinking foundations, cracked and buckled walls and uneven floors are problems commonly faced annually by some quarter-million homeowners. Homes and other structures situated on unstable soils settle when their foundations are subjected to extreme moisture conditions or lack proper drainage. A shifting foundation may result in structural damage to your home and a loss of your investment.

Indications of foundation settling problems include:
• Foundation walls that are buckled or bowed
• Doors and windows that stick or don’t open properly
• Cracks in foundation walls
• Cracks in exterior walls
• Cracks in interior walls and ceilings
• Sunken or buckled interior concrete floors

The CHANCE Helical Pier Foundation System offers a technically superior and cost-effective alternative to other remedial systems. Our system is backed by more than 80 years of structural engineering experience.

Our system may be installed only by contractors we certify. The load-bearing steel shafts are screwed into the ground independent of the structure and their bearing or holding capacity is verifed as the system is installed.

System advantages:
• A time-proven, versatile and technically sound system
• Lower cost – both for the system and its installation
• Faster installation than other methods
• Very limited excavation – site is minimally disturbed
• No heavy equipment required
• Installs in limited-access areas
• Used in new home construction to enhance foundation strength on sites with poor soil conditions

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